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Technology application links prevail!

January 11, 2012

Today’s links are almost all about technology applications. Why does this happen? Anyway… several interesting articles!

Web Music lessons are saving parents and instrumental music teachers time according to a NYTimes article. As is true in all video applications, bandwidth is the key.

Today’s NYTimes editorial opposes for-profit on-line schools that do not yield results that match public schools. Embedded in the brief essay are two choice sections: “A growing body of research shows that charter schools generally perform no better than traditional schools and are often worse as measured by student test data. This is particularly true of online charter schools, which educate more than 200,000 full-time students and are spreading quickly across the country.” and the closing paragraph: “Online programs that supplement traditional schooling have a place on the menu of education options. But there is growing evidence that full-time online schools may be inappropriate for a great majority of students and need to be monitored closely in states that allow them.”  Bottom line: Unregulated privatization is NOT the answer to the problems facing public schools, and on-line learning cannot replace the interaction between adults and students.

An article in today’s NYTimes describes an on-line interview show hosted by an MIT prof who interviews scientists in an effort to provide “…content for a relatively highly educated audience who appreciate material that is not dumbed down and has some technical depth as well”. The link to his interviews is here.

Retirees are a potential source for support services to schools, as described in this NYTimes “Fixes” article about ReServe, a program designed to offer low paying jobs to highly qualified idealistic retirees. In the coming decade, there will be a large pool of people who meet this profile.

Students in MN are taking advantage of dual enrollment opportunities, an opportunity that should be seized increasingly. See my White Paper on Waivers for my analysis of how HS should be organized to promote more of this kind of cross-enrollment.

Chris Dede advocates universal availability of mobile devices to provide every student with “anywhere, anytime” learning opportunities. If only broadband were universally available!



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