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Missing Links

January 23, 2012

E-testing is expanding at the college level according to an article in yesterday’s NYTimes… The point of the testing is threefold: it limits the need for teachers to spend time proctoring exams; it allows students to take the test at a time that suits their bio-rhythm; and it is far more expansive than the typical multiple choice test….

Nurses don’t need to memorize as much because hand held devices provide them with up-to-the-minute information on drugs and treatments… the concern that this technology will diminish personal contact between the nurse and the patient seems wrong… I think patients will appreciate that the nurse might have some answers at her fingertips (no pun intended) as opposed to having to wait for a doctor…

Maine’s tea party Governor (who won with 39% of the vote) is using the threat of school closings as leverage to get social services budgets cut according to an article posted on Common Dreams… If only the Republicans would willingly make this kind of explicit linkage or have Obama connect the dots so voters can see that this IS the choice Americans are being asked to make… and here’s the rub: cutting services will harm schools but since the services and schools have separate funding bins they will fight against each other instead of joining together to make it clear to the taxpayers that they BOTH need to be funded.

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