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For-Profit or For Students?

March 6, 2012

Sometimes I think the NYTimes writers don’t read what their colleagues are publishing. A case in point: today’s paper contains an article in the business section called “Shifting Students Out of Community Colleges and Into For Profits”.,, while yesterday’s Education Section had the articles about MOOCs and Merit Badges (see yesterday’s post on this blog for details). Why any student would enroll in a for-profit school to get “credits” toward a “degree” when they could get a career-specific certificate resulting from an on-line course taught for free or next-to-nothing is beyond me… but maybe I’m getting ahead of the curve on this! It strikes me that MOOCs and Merit Badges could quickly transform post-secondary education from the traditional factory notion where curriculum is centrally controlled and changes at a glacial speed to being customer controlled and changes at lightening speed. I feel an extended article coming on…..

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