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“Michelle Rhee Is Shameless” – Diane Ravitch

July 26, 2012

Michelle Rhee Is Shameless. This title of this post from Diane Ravitch bluntly characterizes the darling of the business oriented “reformers”  who want to see public schools fail in the same way Mitch McConnell wants to see Baarack Obama become a one term president. The one data point that jumped out at me was the fact that the US was 11th out of 12 when the first international tests were administered in 1964, the glory days when the baby boomers were emerging from high school after receiving that wonderful education provided to students in the 1950s. As I’ve written in several previous blog posts, if either party acknowledges that poverty is the problem behind public education’s so-called “failure”, then the only solution is to address that issue head on… and neither party wants to tackle an issue that is so complicated.

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