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What We Teach When We Lock The Door

December 18, 2012

We do not live in a risk free world… yet to limit the risk of having our children killed by a gunman in a school we appear to be ready to trade the personal freedom of many for the liberty of a few. I read this morning that several school districts in the Boston area are locking their doors during the day and installing video cameras to monitor entrances. In effect, we are willing to lock the doors of our public schools to parents so that gun aficionados can acquire and use dangerous weapons. We live in a country where we are willing to make parents wait in the cold to pick up children for dental appointments but don’t want to make a gun purchaser wait any time at all for a background check. We live in a country that wants to reinforce our children’s notion that the world is full of crazy people with guns… but they do not need to be fearful because they are locked safely indoors in a facility whose perimeter is monitored by cameras. That is what we teach when we lock the door…. Oh… and another lesson we teach? Get a gun for your walk to and from school if you REALLY want to be risk free…. because there are crazy people out there with guns and we really can’t do anything about that.

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