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No Excuses: Compliance and Conformity Returns!

January 5, 2013

Edushyster, a blog frequently referenced by Diane Ravitch, has a post today on “No Excuses Schools”, which are a growing share of the for profit industry. If you think the factory school model is gone, read this post that describes the typical no excuses schools, scheduled to the hilt featuring teachers with stopwatches. And if you want to know the source of all of this and one of the paradoxes, read my comment:

The traditional public schools of the 50s, the Parochial schools from time immemorial, and many elite private schools promote the values of conformity and compliance. In my suburban Philadelphia school in the early 1960s I was paddled for bringing my report card in late, young women were forbidden to wear pants, and young men had to wear chinos and shirts with collars. Study halls were silent and it was a rare teacher who promoted dialogue. The notions of compliance and conformity are not new: they likely mirror the schools our business leaders grew up in. What is astonishing is that the leaders of technology companies, who value hard work but eschew conformity, are underwriting these factory schools where everything is timed and regimented. If they treated their employees the way they expect teachers to treat students they would soon lose their best, brightest, and most creative employees.

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