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Why are we “Selling Kids on Guns”?

January 28, 2013

The headline of an article in today’s NYTimes, “Selling a New Generation on Guns”, told me I’d need to take a deep breath before reading any further. After reading the article, I am less angry than perplexed. I’m perplexed that we are not outraged at video games targeted for children that encourage the acquisition of firearms while we wring our hands at the advertising that takes place on children’s TV shows for sweet cereals. I’m perplexed that parents would encourage their children to attend camps and weekend activities that teach their children the recreational use of semi-automatic weapons. I’m perplexed that organizations like Boy Scouts and 4-H sought and received “…$21 million in total grants (from the arms industry) in 2010… nearly double what it (received) out five years earlier”. I’m am mostly perplexed at why we, as a presumably peace-loving nation, want to “sell kids on guns”.

I think hunter safety programs for children are a great idea: we need hunters to thin deer herds without endangering homes in the woods or each other. But you don’t need a semi-automatic weapon to hunt deer… or even grizzly bears. I also support any activities that  encourage children to get out into nature: to hike, to camp, to explore the wilderness. If the gun industry wanted to promote healthy family activities that pose no threat, they should provide $21 million per year in grants to help build and restore hiking paths, campsites, and wilderness exploration. THAT would be a family activity everyone in the country would support.

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