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LA’s Plan to Address Gun Violence

March 15, 2013

An article in today’s NYTimes describes a program in place in Los Angeles that is FAR superior to the “good guy with a gun” plan that the NRA proposed and seems to be favored by teachers and all but a few politicians. I’m sure many readers will suggest this can’t be scaled and would be a challenge in rural areas, but what is described here is similar to the nascent program we had in Washington County MD in the late 1990s as described in A Homeland Security Bill For Schools in the “Published Articles” section of this blog. Addressing gun violence with “tough discipline” like suspensions or expulsions only pushes the problem into the community and addressing it by putting MORE guns into schools despite the fact that there is no evidence demonstrating that an armed guard prevents gun violence is another agreeable fantasy. It’s relatively inexpensive, highly visible, and provides a way for politicians to show they “did something”. The confidential conferences in LA mental health offices will do far more to help limit gun violence than the millions we plan to spend on armed guards for schools.

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