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NH Waiver Rejected: HOORAY!

June 25, 2013

I just read in an Advancing NH Public Education blog post that NH lost its waiver bid, reportedly because NH would not kowtow to the testing requirements set form by USDOE. Here was my comment:

Kudos to Ginny Barry for holding her ground on value added assessments! There is no evidence— NONE— that these improve teaching performance or— more importantly— student performance. They are mathematically elegant but devoid of all meaning.

Here’s a link to a white paper I wrote in October 2009 when I was Superintendent in SAU 70. It outlines why I thought it was a bad idea to seek a waiver: https://waynegersen.com/?s=Race+to+the+Top+NO

Two years later, shortly after my retirement, I wrote this white paper discouraging the seeking of a waiver if it meant compromising too much on the value added assessment component:https://waynegersen.com/2011/11/14/nclb-waivers/

Anyone familiar with the Pareto Principle knows how the 20% of the evaluation based on value added scores will play out: it will consume 80% of the time and get 100% of the attention of the press.

NH should look across the Connecticut River and join hands with VT in rejecting the waiver. (see: https://waynegersen.com/?s=vermont) NH, VT, and ME could show the nation the best way to educate children is NOT by testing them to death but by engaging them in designing their own education plans.

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