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Real education reform would focus on ____________

June 26, 2013

A few weeks ago, Bill Gates extended an invitation to teachers to write to him. Several bloggers saw this as an opportunity to offer some prompts for the letter, one of which was: Real education reform would focus on_____. I just read one of these that resonated with me by Harry Proudfoot. The essence of the letter is captured in this paragraph:

The real problem with standardized testing is it tests none of the underlying skills each subject was designed to teach. Rather, it encourages teachers to focus entirely on the trivia of the subject instead of the skills useful to an informed and intelligent citizenry. Programs like “Race to the Top” and ‘No Child Left Behind” actually undermine a teacher’s ability to do the actual job we hire them to do.

It’s worth reading. Here’s the link:

via Real education reform would focus on ____________.

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