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Emanuel Not Wasting a Manufactured “Crisis”

June 28, 2013

When he was Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahn Emanuel famously quipped “never let a crisis go to waste” when the economy went in the tank. Many Obama voters— or at least THIS Obama voter— thought that meant a second coming of the New Deal. Instead, we have the second coming of Milton Friedman!

Faced with a vacancy on the Chicago School Board due to billionaire Penny Pritzker’s appointment to Obama’s cabinet, Emanuel is recommending Deborah Quazzo, described in a Schooling in the Ownership Society blog post as a “white wealthy investment banker”. Here’s the chilling prospectus based on her firm’s view of education:

In the venture capital world, transactions in the K-12 education sector soared to a record $389 million last year, up from $13 million in 2005. That includes major investments from some of the most respected venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, according to GSV Advisors, (Quazzo’s) investment firm in Chicago that specializes in education.

The goal: an education revolution in which public schools outsource to private vendors such critical tasks as teaching math, educating disabled students, even writing report cards, said Michael Moe, the founder of GSV.

Like most of my Superintendent colleagues, I had no difficulty outsourcing snow plowing, groundskeeping, or bussing. Food services gave me some pause, but in smaller districts large food companies could get lower prices, offer healthy choices, and provide management expertise that I lacked. I was also willing to effectively outsource after school child care services: I wanted to offer child care in schools but didn’t want the headaches of assuming responsibility for hiring child care providers. In Maryland when we were mandated to provide nurses, I turned to the county health department to provide that service in our schools, reasoning that our staff knew how to operate an educational establishment but was not trained to run a medical operation. I never thought I’d see the day when my job, the job of Principals, and the job of teachers would be outsourced. Anything to save a buck for taxpayers and make a buck for shareholders.

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