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The Common Core’s Downfall in NY

August 22, 2013

Charles Blow’s NYTimes column on the Common Core has good insights… but maddeningly refers to the Broad Foundation as an “educational reform group”. Broad’s idea of reform is to measure success based on test results… and Blow’s best insight is to flag this testing as part of the problem:

…The problem is that, in some states, Common Core testing has been implemented before teachers, or the public for that matter, have been instructed in how to teach students using the new standards.

This means that, when students score poorly on the more rigorous Common Core-based tests, it threatens to cause a backlash among parents, who increasingly see testing as the problem, not the solution.

That Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup poll also found that most Americans had not heard of the Common Core. Only 22 percent thought increased testing helped school performance, and most rejected the use of student test scores to evaluate teachers.

Because we insist on prioritizing testing over teaching — punishments over preparation — we run the risk of turning Americans off one of the few educational strategies in recent memory that most people say we need.

As long as the primary metric for measuring the effectiveness of school reform is standardized testing based on age-based grade levels we will continue perpetuating the factory school model and continue prioritizing punishment over preparation.

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