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The Gates Foundation’s Maddening Inconsistency

December 27, 2013

I just watched an Upworthy one minute video called “What Do The First 1000 Days of a Child’s Life Have to Do With Anything?”… and the answer, of course, is they have EVERYTHING to do with the child’s ultimate well being. The video was set in a third world country and emphasizes the importance of good nutrition during the mother’s pregnancy and during the first two years of a child’s life… the 1,000 days referenced in the title.

When I finished watching and saw that it was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates I couldn’t help wondering why it is that Bill Gates can’t see the inconsistency in his message for children raised in poverty abroad as compared to children raised in poverty in our country. In our country Bill Gates seems to think that all children should be equally ready for school even though nearly 25% of our nation’s children are being raised in families that qualify for food stamps. It’s as if poverty doesn’t matter in the US but DOES matter everywhere else on the globe. In my mind Bill Gates doesn’t belong in the same league with the Koch brothers or the Waltons: he has a genuine humanitarian streak and acts on his humanitarian impulses. But, like his fellow “education reform” philanthropists he seems unable to accept the reality that poverty in our country has as devastating effect on children as it has in Africa, India, or anywhere in the world. It is maddening that the same man who wants to end polio doesn’t want to end the inequality of opportunity that plagues our country.


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