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Fights in NY Heat Up: Kids Lose Either Way

February 11, 2014

WHOA! There is a lot of fighting going on in NYS!!! But this just in: THE KIDS LOSE NO MATTER WHO WINS!

Governor Cuomo is coming out against the Regent’s recent softening of their position on common core testing and parent advocates are livid with the governor AND the Regents, and— as noted in an earlier post— the NYS legislature seems to be interposing itself into the fray, responding to parents who feel the Regents are deaf to their concerns about testing. The kids lose either way because they will be subjected to tests one way or the other… the only question seems to be whether the test results will be used to evaluate teachers.

Oh… as noted in earlier posts deBlasio and Cuomo are at loggerheads over taxing and spending. Cuomo wants to resist ANY tax increases while diverting minimal funds toward a watered down version of prekindergarten-for-all while deBlasio, the only honest politician of the lot, seeking a tax increase to fund his more ambitious (though arguably insufficient) prekindergarten initiative for NYC…. The kids lose either way because even diBlasio is seeking fewer dollars than NJ has spent for its most successful prekindergarten programs.

And… last but far from least… the New Yorkers for Students Educational Rights are filing a lawsuit to have the state pay the $4,000,000,000 it owes as a result of a funding equity lawsuit their organization won in 2006. The kids lose either way, especially the 7th graders who should have already benefitted from the lawsuit… kids who are probably in “failing schools” who are failing, in part, because they haven’t had the funds needed to improve the teaching environment for students.


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