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How to Privatize in 4 Steps

February 25, 2014

This info-graphic from YES is a clear and succinct description of HOW privatization yields high profits in four simple steps:

  1. Develop profitable tests that prove schools are failing
  2. Get legislation passed that makes it possible to “reform” failing schools through “takeovers” (i.e. privatization)
  3. Get rid of all teachers and administrates during the takeover, thereby eliminating legacy costs associated with pension payments, benefit costs, and salary schedules
  4. Don’t worry about the consequences… in the worst case your privatized school fails and gets taken over by one of your competitors and you keep the money and go somewhere else… if you get the same results the taxpayers are happy because they are saving money… and if you get better results by skimming the best and brightest from the public schools you contribute further to their demise by increasing their “fail rate”…

What the article didn’t describe was WHY this is possible: the corporations are able to take over public services by playing to the resentful electorate whose jobs they eliminated as part of the downsizing and outsourcing movements that resulted from globalization. That is, the folks who lost jobs when corporations used this same algorithm to close factories and move them elsewhere are bitter about their fates and are unconsciously— or, in most cases, EXPLICITLY— resentful of public employees whose livelihoods have not been affected by the forces of globalization… ESPECIALLY when those public employees are funded with taxes! Bottom line: Teachers get no sympathy from former middle class workers who lost pensions, benefits, and salaries to low wage countries with no regulations…. especially when “their money” is stolen from them by taxes.

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