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Great news: InBloom is shutting down

April 29, 2014

In some respects the InBloom bargain is no different than the Google bargain or, for that matter, the “free” internet bargain… We’ve implicitly agreed to share data with people in exchange for a quick and easy way to gather information… and even though I dislike the ads that now permeate Google, I invariably “Google” something when I have a question and DO have my cookies enabled.

One other reality: in order for public education to fund data warehousing that could arguably improve information available to teachers, SOME kind of trade-off is necessary. Either taxpayers need to willingly fund technology infrastructure for schools (unlikely given the public’s unwillingness to fund obvious infrastructure deficiencies like water pipes and highways) or some sort of bargain like InBloom has to be worked out.


I’m trying my hardest to resist talking about Pikkety’s Capital because I haven’t read it yet, even though I’ve read a million reviews and discussions about it, and I saw him a couple of weeks ago on a panel with my buddy Suresh Naidu. Suresh, who was great on the panel, wrote up his notes here.

So I’ll hold back from talking directly about Pikkety, but let me talk about one of Suresh’s big points that was inspired in part by Pikkety. Namely, the fact that it’s a great time to be rich. It’s even greater now to be rich than it was in the past, even when there were similar rates of inequality. Why? Because so many things have become commodified. Here’s how Suresh puts it:

We live in a world where much more of everyday life occurs on markets, large swaths of extended family and government services have…

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