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North Carolina Teacher: “I Am Embarrassed to Confess: I Am a Teacher”

May 20, 2014

After reading this post and the 35 comments made at that point, I entered the following comment:

One point not made thus far: NC has low wages because it is a “right to work state”… and as such it led the race to the bottom in wages by luring factories away from the Northeast only to have the same corporations who sought low wages and tax breaks from the state to head offshore when they found they could manufacture products even cheaper and with less regulation abroad…

And one other point: there was a time not so long ago when a number of private sector folks had the kinds of pensions the good senator (and his Tea Party buddies) decries. When the corporations were asked to make certain they had enough reserves set aside to fund those pensions they decided to stop the practice in order to reward their shareholders.

If we NC employers chose to pay employees a decent wage and provide them with a pension that would allow them to stay in their homes the resentment toward teachers wouldn’t be nearly as high… and if anyone who’s never spent a day in the classroom taught for even a month they would come to appreciate the degree of difficulty in the job. Politicians pander to the public’s resentment toward public employees to divert their attention from the race to the bottom that’s gone on for decades.

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Sarah Wiles, a science teacher in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools with six years experience and a master’s degree, sent an email to every member of the North Carolina General Assembly with the subject line: “I am embarrassed to confess: I am a teacher.”

This was her email:

“From: Sarah Wiles

“Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2014 6:47 PM

“Every year there is a debate on teacher compensation. This is only exacerbates during election years. However, nothing happens. As a sixth year teacher, I have only seen a pay increase once (and then again after plunging myself into debt by earning my Masters in Education). I have attended rallies, joined NCAE, petitioned, and worn red (or blue and white, or whatever color of the rainbow I was required to wear to “show my support’). Nothing ever changes, except my wardrobe. So, that brings me to this one request: leave me alone.

“I am…

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