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A Third “Centrist” Party? I think not!

June 8, 2014

Timeless Posts VIII

This letter was sent in early 2012 in response to an op-ed piece that advocated for the creation of a “centrist” third party. My short response is “Wha….?” This is my longer response… 

I concur with Dr. Levine’s notion that a third party is needed but disagree with his characterization of that party as “centrist”. The third party should be based on principles of interdependence as opposed to the principles of independence championed by both Democrats and Republicans. The third party should engage the public in addressing tough questions that require wholesale change in the way we live and the way we are governed. Do we need unregulated capitalism that is driven by consumption? Do we need to have cheap imported goods at the cost of full employment in our country? Do we need to have high profits for shareholders at the cost of health benefits and solid retirement plans for employees? Do we want to continue our policy of effectively subsidizing the consumption of fossil fuels at the cost of clean air for our grandchildren? Is our representative democracy working for those who cannot afford to have lobbyists representing their views? A “centrist” party that splits the difference between the Republicans and Democrats will not engage us in a dialogue about our system as a whole… and that is the dialogue the Tea Party and OWS both seek.


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