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RTTT Schadenfreude

August 20, 2014

Schadenfreude is the pleasure one derives from seeing the misfortunes of another person. For example,  as a Boston Red Sox fan, it is the tingle we feel when the Yankees lose…. and as one who opposes the use of standardized tests as the primary means of measuring student performance it is the frisson I experienced when I read in an Education Week article that President Obama’s education policy is one of the areas Republicans targeted in their  otherwise ill-conceived lawsuit against his use of presidential power… or read a Fair Test press release in Diane Ravitch’s blog announcing that despite over a decade of mandated standardized testing ACT scores remain flat… or read about the many disgraceful abuses of deregulated privatized charter schools in Florida… or read about a “miracle school”  championed by a pro-privatization Governor closes because of low test scores… or read about the eroding support for the Common Core in the NYTimes and Education Next, a conservative mouthpiece. All of these articles indicate that the top-down and outside-in reforms are resulting in adverse unintended consequences that are eroding public support for the reforms themselves… BUT

The major findings of the survey are unsettling:

1) While Americans asked to evaluate the quality of teachers’ work think, on average, that about half of the teachers in their local schools deserve a grade of A or B, they think that more than one-fifth deserve a D or F; even teachers give these low marks to more than 1 in 10 of their peers, on average.

2) More than one-fourth of all families with school-age children have educated a child in a setting other than a traditional public school.

3) The public thinks less money should be spent on class-size reduction relative to the amount spent on teacher salaries or new books and technologies, if they are told the relative price of each intervention.

If 25% of children in this country are no longer educated in a “traditional public school” we may be approaching a tipping point, especially given that those surveyed believe that 20% of the teachers warrant a D or F grade and the public is unwilling to spend more money to provide small classes for children in public schools. Those who support public education may be winning the battle against the “government imposed” NCLB, RTTT, and CCSS but we may also be losing the battle to gain support for “government schools”.  In the end, it may be that Fox News followers are the ones who will experience schadenfreude as overall support for public schools erodes.

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