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The Public is Catching On

August 22, 2014

Two recent articles about charter schools from opposite ends of the political spectrum, one from Alternet and one from the NY Daily News provide evidence that the American public is beginning to see the flaws with unregulated privatized education.

The Alternet post, “FBI Raids on Charter School Operators Jump”, describes how money has been drained from regulated public non-profit schools to deregulated private for-profit schools and… SURPRISE… unscrupulous behavior has increased among the operators of these institutions!

“How Does She Do It” The NY Daily News op ed piece by Robert Pondiscio, is even more heartening to those of us who have been frustrated by the breathless coverage of “miracle schools” operated by Eva Moskovitz. In the essay Pondiscio reveals some of the statistical shenanigans Moskovitz has played in order to get the incredible results she reports. How does Success Academy do it? They have incredibly high attrition rates between 3rd grade and 8th grade and the kids leaving school are special education students and those who do poorly on the test-prep curriculum. As Diane Ravitch wrote in in post that had the link to the Daily News piece, these children aren’t “left behind”, they are “kicked to the side of the road”. 

Slowly but surely the flaws of deregulation and privatization are seeping into our consciousness….

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