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More on Blockbuster Ruling in Texas About School Funding

August 29, 2014

More on Blockbuster Ruling in Texas About School Funding.

Diane Ravitch had several posts on this topic yesterday… and this is one I picked to  re-blog and comment on. My comment is this:

I wish I could get excited about this… but… those who oppose equitable funding will push back and it will be decades before the funding formula is fixed. I offer my home state of NH as evidence.

One other factor that I am certain comes into play in TX: the race and ethnicity of the students attending the districts who should receive more money. We’ve witnessed a sad reality in our country: most voters are not interested in meeting the needs of African American and Latino children. The one phrase in Brown vs. Board of Education that sticks out like a sore thumb given where we are a half century later is this: “…all deliberate speed”. Fifty years after the triumphant victory at the Supreme Court we have more segregation than ever.

My pessimistic hunch is that it will take at least another decade for this decision to wend its way though courts and maybe another decade after THAT until any action is taken.

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