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The Mainstream Media’s Narrative

September 8, 2014

Diane Ravitch wrote a blog post that provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the NYTimes completely ignored her factual critique of Success Academy schools and stuck to the talking points Eva Moskovitz provided. A couple of days earlier she cross-posted Paul Thomas who wrote about NPR’s whitewash of the “New Orleans” miracle.

I try very hard to believe that the mainstream media are in business to provide factual and balanced information to the public, especially organizations like NPR that receive government funding. But when I read that “the newspaper of record” willfully ignores factual information provided by an impeccably reliable source I can reach one of three conclusions:

  1. The Times and other mainstream media are unwilling to accept facts that do not conform with a narrative they’ve created
  2. The Times and other mainstream media employ editors who cannot understand facts that do not conform to the narrative they’ve created
  3. The Times and other mainstream media are fearful that if they DO report facts that do not conform to the narrative they’ve been provided by donors or influential political figures they might lose access to advertising dollars and/or access to political figures

Being charitable, I hope that the first conclusion is accurate, because of it is the facts will eventually require that the narrative change. If, however, the third conclusion is accurate, I am concerned because the public will never see the facts… and Thomas’ post  is especially chilling in that regard. If the public is denied factual information it cannot make an informed decision about the direction our government should take.

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