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Maybe We Should Wait on Pre-K

October 15, 2014

Diane Ravitch’s post yesterday evening describing the testing protocols or preschoolers in TN makes me wonder if universal pre-K is a good idea given our current mindset. Pre-Kindergarten programs are currently a blank slate and I despair to imagine what efficiency-minded “educators” like Arnie Duncan will write on it. Given the chance, I think Duncan will be touting privatized solutions and, as noted in earlier posts, it would not be surprising to see vouchers proposed as the best solution. Worse of all, TN’s practice introduces even younger children to the “efficient” practice of grouping by age cohorts and using standardized tests to determine their “readiness” to enter the next level at factory schools who seek “ready-to-learn” widgets. Maybe we should wait to promote Pre-K until we are disabused of the notion that the private sector can run things better than “the government” and that we can measure learning with a standardized test.

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