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We Privatized the Army to Avoid the Draft, Now We’re Privatizing Schools to Avoid Taxes

February 14, 2015

Late last week the American Conservative posted a chilling article by Kelly Vlahos titled “A Blackwater World Order” that described the consequences of our countries decision to outsource war. The article describes the profiteering of mercenary corporations who, like many global enterprises, are uninterested in freedom or democracy but intently interested in making a profit. After reading the article in the context of recent essays I’ve been reading by George Orwell to prepare for a course I am teaching, it struck me that instead of the world Orwell envisioned where three nation states maintained a perpetual state of war, we are devolving toward a world where three multi-national corporations do the same thing to the same effect. It struck me that it the publication of this article by the American Conservative might be an indication that readers and editors of that publication might be seeing the limits of unregulated capitalism… for left to their own devices rapacious capitalist mercenaries will gladly maintain war if it means the generation of profits and equally rapacious fellow corporate leaders will be happy to enable this circumstance so long as people can buy their products and remain docile. In hopes that the publication of this article was evidence of an awakening, I offered the following comment:

And we want to privatize education? We already have countless examples of unregulated for profit privatizers looting taxpayers while failing to provide services (see Gulen, virtual academies in PA, charter chains in FL) and yet politicians in both parties see privatization as the silver bullet for schools. (As noted in the article), the US Congress and Presidents have sidestepped the politically unpopular decision to reinstitute the draft and we have PMCs (private military companies)… now we want to privatize education to sidestep the politically unpopular decision to raise taxes?… And we expect a different outcome?

It’s trite and overused… but Einstein is supposed to have said that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. If readers and editors of the American Conservative believe that the capitalists entering the education market have anything but profit on their mind they are buying into an agreeable fantasy.

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