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Oklahoma is NOT O.K…. Wait Till You See What’s Replacing AP History!!!

February 19, 2015

In a piece of legislation that the Onion could not pass off as satire, the Oklahoma legislature has decided to replace AP History with… wait for it…

 … a long list of “foundational documents,” including the Ten Commandments, two sermons and three speeches by Ronald Reagan.

Judd Legum’s Think Progress post reporting on this story selected the juiciest examples from the list of the 58, but it also held back on some unsettling details until later in the story:

Many of the texts are uncontroversial and undoubtedly covered by the Advanced Placement U.S. History course, such as the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and Gettysburg address. But the bill also has an ideological and religious bent. In addition to 3 speeches by Reagan, the curriculum as includes a speech by George W. Bush but nothing from any Democratic president since Lyndon Johnson.

We learned in yesterday’s ThinkProgress post that Oklahoma’s legislative leaders don’t believe in the separation of church and state… today we’ve learned that they also do not believe in the two party system of government or the need to present multiple perspectives on the tough issues we are facing today and Oklahoma students will face in the future.

I’ve written on multiple posts that the process that yielded the Common Core was deeply flawed and the intended use of the Common Core to assess students based on their age is misguided… but the NEED for a common curriculum that provides all American students with the ability to think clearly and make decisions based on evidence is indisputable. If you think otherwise, move to Oklahoma and treat your children to a social studies curriculum that views the Ten Commandments as a “foundational document” that MUST be taught and, therefore, will undoubtedly be part of the standardized assessments used to determine the quality of that state’s schools.

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