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China announces it is scoring its citizens using big data

May 4, 2015

I’m adding this to my “Chinese Capitalism” archive… it’s full of articles that suggest China and the US are devolving into one nation controlled by plutocrats… We need to make sure that we are not assembling a “permanent record” on each citizen that includes not only their clicks on social media but also their medical and scholastic records…


Please go read the article in the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant entitled China rates its own citizens – including online behavior (hat tip Ernie Davis).

In the article, it describes China’s plan to use big data techniques to score all of its citizens – with the help of China internet giants Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent – in a kind of expanded credit score that includes behavior and reputation. So what you buy, who you’re friends with, and whether you seem sufficiently “socialist” are factors that affect your overall score.

Here’s a quote from a person working on the model, from Chinese Academy of Social Science, that is incredibly creepy:

When people’s behavior isn’t bound by their morality, a system must be used to restrict their actions

And here’s another quote from Rogier Creemers, an academic at Oxford who specializes in China:

Government and big internet companies in China can exploit ‘Big…

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