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Chicago Corruption Charge: The Fruits of Privatization

We’ve seen the fruits of high stakes testing reported in the corruption charges at the system level in Atlanta and in countless schools across the country. Now the public may be catching on to the inherent dangers of privatization of schools thanks to the misdeeds of Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the Chicago Superintendent of Schools appointed by “reform-minded” Rahm Emmanuel. As reported in today’s NYTimes, Ms. Byrd-Bennett is pleading guilty to a 23-charge indictment involving bribery. The report notes that Ms. Byrd-Bennett will cooperate with the ongoing investigation. She’s beholden only to the mayor who appointed her with great fanfare but has now thrown her under the bus.

“I am saddened and disappointed to learn about the criminal activity that led to today’s indictment of Barbara Byrd-Bennett,” he said. “Our students, parents, teachers and principals deserve better.”

They DO deserve better. They deserve well funded neighborhood schools governed by an elected independent school board. They got what privatization brings.

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