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Blogger Behind Barbara Byrd-Bennet’s Departure in Chicago

Thomas Lifson, the editor of The American Thinker blog, wrote a post praising the investigate work done by fellow blogger Sarah Karp, who’s research and reporting ultimately resulted in the downfall of Chicago Superintendent Barbara Byrd-Bennett. The article served as an illustration of the both the power of blogging but also the evisceration of investigative reporters by the mainstream media. After reading the article I read through some of the comments, and was appalled at their content. Many of the commenters discredited the story because Ms. Karp was not an amateur blogger but a former investigative reporter and, worse yet, part of the Chicago socialist scene that Obama distanced himself from once he became a Presidential candidate. After reading through most of the posts and reflecting on the article, I offered the following:

=> The Chicago Board is not elected, it is appointed by the mayor and under his full control. Several school board members from across the country wondered how the Chicago board got away with awarding a $20,000,000+ no bid contract. The answer is simple: they were appointed by the mayor. An elected school board member who voted for a no-bid contract would be thrown out of office by the voters.

=> The Chicago schools have embraced the free market competitive model… which is the complete antithesis of “left-wing” socialism. Many commenters shared their belief that all “government run” public schools are corrupt. That is not the case when schools are governed by elected board…. but Chicago’s deregulated for-profit schools are not answerable to voters but to shareholders.

=> The whole reason the MSM was not all over this is because they have been taken over by profiteers who need to reward shareholders… and investigative reporting, which is expensive and not always fruitful, has an adverse effect on the bottom line. WIthin a few years all of the MSM reports will be written by robots: they’re cheaper, don’t require medical insurance, paid leave or vacation, don’t join unions, and don’t ask tough questions of corporations.

=> Ms. Karp’s personal politics have nothing to do with this… nor does the fact that she isn’t an  amateur. Ms. Karp wants to make sure her tax dollars are being spent wisely and by-the-book. If that’s what a socialist wants, then I HOPE that’s something a socialist has in common with a conservative.

Maybe the comments— including mine— are examples of people seeing what they want to see… but I can’t help thinking that most of the people in this country don’t understand the insidious effects of privatization and don’t understand what is lost when the selection of school boards is taken out of the hands of voters and put into the hands of politicians…. especially now when politicians are increasingly reliant on huge corporate donors to get elected. Maybe more digging by bloggers like Ms. Karp will bring this to light.

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