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ANOTHER Illustration of the Failed Policy of Zero Tolerance and Good Guys With Guns

October 28, 2015

As noted in earlier posts on the topic of school discipline and guns in school, the Columbine incident in 1999 created a siege mentality in schools that has accelerated over the past sixteen years, a mentality that has resulted in parents willingly forfeiting their children’s freedom in schools across the nation and resulted in the kind of brutality in schools that erodes the student, parent, and community respect for law enforcement.

Yesterday, as reported in several media outlets including Common Dreams and the NYTimes student with a cell phone captured a short video of  a policeman in a South Carolina high school “…briefly reproaching the student, who refuses to get up from her desk, before he puts his arm around her neck, flips the desk over backwards, and then throws her to the ground, where he handcuffs her.”

Both writers and most bloggers note that when police are introduced into schools, inevitably they become involved with discipline cases that would typically result in some kind of administrative intervention that most likely would end with both students being suspended from school, either in-school or out of school. Now?

Both students were arrested and charged with “disturbing school;” Kenny (a student who interceded on behalf of the student who was flipped over the desk) was released on $1000 bond.

As I heard on a radio report today, these kinds of offenses often result in fines that a student’s parent must pay and, should they be unable to do so, the student might face imprisonment.

We not only need to re-think the assignment of police in schools, we also need to re-think the surveillance cameras that peer at students, the locked doors that “welcome” parents and community members, and the horrific drills we subject students to in order to prepare them for an invasion by someone with a small arsenal they obtained thanks to our lax gun control. This needs to stop quickly before we graduate more students who are accustomed to 24/7 surveillance and put more and more students into prison for “being a discipline problem” in class.

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