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“Schoolkids in Handcuffs” is Consequence of Providing “Good Guys With Guns”

“Schoolkids in Handcuffs” today’s NYTimes editorial, describes the backdrop to the incident that occurred last week in South Carolina where a video of a policeman dragging a student from her desk because she refused to comply with a teacher’s directive was posted on-line and went viral. From my perspective, the NYTimes editors missed the deeper reasons for this incident, which compelled me to levee this comment:

The school kids in handcuffs is the ultimate manifestation of the totalitarian training we are providing our children as a result of our “concerns for their safety”. We have agreed that keeping schoolchildren in locked facilities with surveillance cameras and police protection is a trade off we are willing to make in order to keep them safe from shooters who have unrestricted access to weapons designed to kill people. We’re raising a generation who believes 24/7 surveillance, security gates with checkpoints, and constant police presence are needed to protect us from “the other”… a world where parents who allow their children to navigate a walk to park unsupervised are dragged into court for child neglect… a world where the message is buy your own gun if you REALLY want to be safe…  a world where a child who protests the treatment of a classmate who’s being dragged to the ground by a policeman is arrested.

The unrestricted access to weapons in our country is driving us to extreme safety measures everywhere. We’re watching kids in school now… we’re monitoring their social media for evidence of bullying… we’re filtering their access to information on the internet… It seems like the notion of “freedom” is becoming more and more of an abstraction and less of a reality for children today.

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