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Disposable Children

November 10, 2015

It may be the greatest hypocrisy of America’s conservative leaders, that they demand control over a woman’s body, but then show every sign of neglect after a child comes into the world. It reaches beyond neglect to disdain for the poor. In a perversely unequal nation in which the well-off blame impoverished people for their own struggles, the children of the poor become the innocent victims. Children of all ages are deemed disposable: The Littlest Children—Deprived of Their Most Important Year of School

Source: Disposable Children

Paul Buchheit’s article shouldn’t limit hypocrisy to conservatives. In many respects it is even more hypocritcal for Democrats to claim they care about civil rights when they support the use of standardized tests to determine the effectiveness of teachers and schools while ignoring the obvious evidence that the course they set over a decade ago with NCLB is failing in its effort to provide a quality education for ALL children. The tests show what we already knew at least FOUR decades ago: children from affluent schools and from homes where parents spend more time with their children and more money on their children do better than children raised in poverty. So what do elected officials do? Spend money on tests that purportedly “prove” teachers and schools are failing. Instead of passing legislation to help lift working Americans out of poverty or legislation that will help children raised in families headed by single parents to have the support they need to succeed in school our elected officials pass legislation that passes the buck to hard working teachers. THAT is hypocrisy.

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