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More Ways to Make Schools Safe— Even Pre-Schools!

One of the signature features of the Naked Capitalism is linking two articles in one sentence that, once you go to the article, leaves your jaw on the floor. Here’s a classic example:

“That’s right: Legislation approved two weeks ago by the Republican-controlled Ohio House would allow state residents with concealed-carry permits to pack their loaded, hidden guns into day care centers when they drop off the kids” [New York Times]. It’s OK; the kiddies should be wearing their bulletproof blankies at all times anyhow.

I had read the NYTimes article earlier in the week and decided to blog instead on ESSA, whose undeserved and wholesale support from everyone warranted counter-balancing. But when I looked at the pictures of children wrapped in bullet proof blankets lying on the floor, my stomach turned. To save you a click, I’ve posted one of the pictures below:


The article reassuringly states that:

The Bodyguard Blanket, made by ProTecht, comes in different sizes and gives youngsters something to cower behind when the next disaffected killer goes on a murderous rampage.

The company said on its website: “Bodyguard blanket can be easily fastened around a child or adult, and is amazingly lightweight.

And the best news for ProTecht is that school districts across America are preparing their 2016-17 budgets now! They may have to cut something like guidance services, computers, or textbooks but at least the children will be safe “…when the next disaffected killer goes on a murderous rampage.” Or, if the “disaffected killer” shows up before school maybe one of the parents with a concealed weapon will take him or her out… or maybe that parent might be disaffected themselves.

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