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What No Child Left Behind Left Behind @alternet

December 22, 2015

I’m glad to see another progressive educator pointing out that ESSA is no improvement whatsoever… and his last paragraph mirrors what I’ve posted her for weeks:

…with more authority re-devolving to the states, the broader foundations of what has been the educational status quo in America for a generation are allowed to continue and in some cases are actively perpetuated: the creep toward privatization, the traditional approaches to pedagogy and curriculum, the bribe-and-threat manipulation of educators and children, and, above all, the reliance on standardized testing. For worse and for worse, the heart of NCLB lives on.

I’m willing to wager he would agree that no bill is better than what we have with ESSA…. Read on! 

What’s behind the recent “historic triumph”?

Source: What No Child Left Behind Left Behind @alternet

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