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One Person CAN Make a Difference… Even At the Top

December 26, 2015

Yesterday Diane Ravitch featured a heartwarming story that was posted a few days ago Emma Brown of the Washington Post describing the heroic effort of Tiffany Anderson, a school superintendent in Jennings, MO. Jennings borders Ferguson and shares its demographics… and problems. But instead of introducing a rigid curriculum to improve test scores, Ms. Anderson restored the arts and went to work at the root causes of poor academic performance: food, clothing, and even shelter. Her bottom line, which Ms. Ravitch flagged in her column, should be the bottom line of all school leaders:

We need to have the urgency for other people’s children that we have for our children, so we move at warp speed,” Anderson said.

Read the article and you’ll see that a committed, hard-working and highly focussed individual can make a huge difference.


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