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Editorial: John Kasich

January 24, 2016

Our local newspaper, while hardly having the clout of the Manchester Union Leader, DOES hold sway among mainstream Republicans in our region… and they’ve (probably correctly) identified Kasich as the least objectionable Republican candidate. But they’ve overlooked his horrific record on the privatization of public education and the reality that unemployment among 18-35 years olds when those who’ve stopped looking for work is over 11%. There is no economic miracle in Ohio and the Congress Kasich served in… the bipartisan problem solving one… is long gone. My fear is that voters in my home State will be eminently reasonable when they get to the polls and Kasich will emerge as the “moderate” alternative to Hilary or Bernie. Here’s hoping people remember this phrase from the Valley News Editorial: “Right-leaning voters need not fear that Kasich is squishy. He is solidly of the tax-cutting, budget-balancing, strong-defense, pro-gun, anti-abortion school of conservative thought. One of his central themes is that power should be drained from Washington and directed back to the states.”… He’s a moderate only in comparison to the rest of the slate running for office!

New Hampshire primary voters who fear the consequences if this year’s Republican presidential race ends in a train wreck should

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