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This Just In: Flint Water Crisis, Privatization are Linked and Not Limited to Michigan

January 25, 2016

An Occupy Democrats blog post by Omar Rivero reveals that emails from the publicly operate Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) to MI Governor Rick Snyder indicate they could provide water to Flint residents for 80% of the costs Snyder was paying for another provider. Why? Rivero reports that fellow journalist Steve Neavling of the independent newspaper, Motor City Muckraker, believes that the water pipes were switched “…to break up and privatize the DWSD by starving it of a crucial customer base.” You see if DWSD’s efforts to cost-effectively expand its customer base succeeded the Governor would not be able to take it over and privatize it as he had taken over cities and school districts across the state. Rivera expands on this later in the post, describing in the last sentence how the starvation of revenues makes it possible for the State to take over the operation of public schools:

It just goes to show how dangerous the Republican Party’s crusade to dismantle all public institutions and replace them with privatized alternatives that put profits over the well-being of their customers truly presents to our nation. Governor Snyder, who was propelled into office with over $12 million in corporate campaign cash, has spent his entire governorship implementing all the trademark pieces of the Koch Brothers’ plan for America – an Americans For Prosperity-spearheaded union killing right-to-work law (even though he promised he wouldn’t during the election); the appointment of rule-by-decree”emergency managers” for major cities; slashing corporate taxes and instituting a budget-crippling flat tax; crippling public schools with budget cuts and replacing them with charter schools

In his concluding paragraph Rivero calls out other Republican governors who have pulled the same stunt as Snyder, citing Brownback and Jindal as examples. Unfortunately his list is incomplete when it comes to starving schools and gutting unions… and with States getting more power over schools as a result of ESSA it is not difficult to imagine a poisoning of minds equal to the poisoning of water that took place in Flint, MI.

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