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Kansas Proves that Tax Cuts and Educational Funding Equity Don’t Mix

February 14, 2016

As noted in several previous posts, several months ago the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the legislature had to address the issue of funding inequity in the state. After months of trying to paper over the root of the problem by substituting an equity-based funding formula with one based on block grants, the Republican Governor and legislature will be forced to come up with roughly $73,000,000 in new funding to make the formulas work in a way that gives all students in the state an equal chance for a good education.

And here’s the fiscal reality: the money would be readily available if the Governor had not preposterously cut taxes on businesses in the misguided belief that those tax cuts would yield higher revenues… the disproven and ill-conceived “tickle down” theory applied at the State level. The result of this disastrous decision?

Revenue has fallen short of projections and he and lawmakers are scrambling to fill a roughly $200 million budget gap before the close of the session.

So a cut to business taxes has yielded a $200 million budget gap, $73 million of which would have fully funded a school funding formula that would provide desperately needed funds to districts serving children raised in poverty. And the beat goes on in the legislature, where Republicans claim the court is,”interjecting itself in legislative proceedings and holding Kansas taxpayers and Kansas schoolchildren hostage,” while the Democrats see the court as “…telling the Legislature to follow the Constitution” and finally putting “…an absolute line in the sand.” Either way the court decision is interpreted, children raised in poverty lose.

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