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A Gaggle of Headlines Tell a Sad Story About State Funding For Public Schools

February 26, 2016

Every day I get a feed from Google that batches stories about public education from across the country. Often these stories are about relatively inconsequential issues: weather closings, local bond votes, teacher-of-the-year celebrations, etc. Today’s headlines, though, paint a very dismal picture of school funding across the country, including stories on the following:

  • Sun Sentinel op ed article by a FL legislator describing her misgivings about the skewed funding formulas that starve public education at the expense of for profit charters
  • Willamette Week article describing the sad state of repairs in Portland OR public schools and the reality that IF a bond passes that district will hit its bond ceiling, precluding any future facilities upgrades
  • A report in the Indianapolis Star that Indianapolis public schools are forecasting another loss of 1,000 students to charter schools thanks to legislation that promoted those schools while shortchanging public schools.
  • A link to WLWT Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate’s report on how frustrated parents and administrators are with the “failing grades” their city received due to the recent administration of the PARCC tests… the administrators specifically noting that the grading system for the test is deeply flawed.
  • An op ed piece from the Daily Journal, a regional newspaper that covers NE MI, describing proposed legislation that will follow-the-child wherever they enroll in school, legislation that will drain public dollars into private schools of all kinds
  • An article from SD’s Daily Republic describing the passage of legislation that provides tax credits to insurance businesses that underwrite a fund that supports parents seeking tuition payments to prove schools— legislation ripped from the ALEC playbook.
  • A report from KNOE, a CBS affiliate in LA, reporting on that State’s decision to cut “another” $44,000,000 from its funding for public schools.
  • And just in case you are thinking that public schools are safe havens for children, a report from the Herald Mail in Washington County MD that the nearby Waynesboro PA schools will be providing naloxone in the event an overdose occurs while school is in session.

Seven states facing fiscal crises and one district offering naloxone… not the best way to start the day…

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