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History of Southwest

March 13, 2016

I have not been posting with regularity for the past few days because I’m on my annual Southwest camping trek. Since moving to northern New England 14 years ago my wife and I hurry Spring and seek warmth by taking a trip somewhere in the Southwest… Arizona, Southern Utah, Nevada, New Mexio, and Death Valley being recent places we’ve cmped or travelled. We find that our trips are ultimately history trips: history of the planet, history of civilizations, and history of small towns and obscure forts. Each trip brings us an unexpected discovery… And yesterday we discovered Fort Bayard outside of Silver Spring NM. This was initially the station of the Bufalo Soldiers, an all black regiment wh fought on the side of the North in the Civil War. When the war ended and the slaves in LA were freed, there were no jobs for them in their home state and so 180 walked to NM… But only 90 survived. They fought valiantly against the Apaches once they got to the fort and four decades later one of their chaplains founded the first integrated school in the armed forces on the base. Ultimately 6000 residents populated the base when it was a VA hospital that specialized in TB treatment.

My advice to those who travel: stop at a historic site that appears to have no relevance to our world today. You’ll be amazed at how little you’ve learned in school.

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