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The Budget Discussion We AREN’T Having Because Defense Spending is a Given

March 23, 2016

As one who has read about the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ (CPC) budgets for years, I was heartened to read Nation writer John Nichol’s article, “Only One Budget Proposal Makes Any Sense”. The subheading of the article, “The Congressional Progressive Caucus budget goes after spending on the military-industrial complex and re-invests it in people” is an accurate synopsis of the budgeting strategy used by the CPC.

The article notes that only the Pentagon is exempt from auditing and that exemption combined with their ever increasing budgets makes it plausible that an audit will result in substantial savings. It also takes into account the need to provide transitional funds for communities that currently rely on military spending, “…(b)y increasing investments in the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment “to assist state and local governments to respond to major defense program shifts by helping communities adjust to defense contract losses.” The CPC budget also shifts funds from spending on armaments to spending on refugee resettlement, shifts funds from fossil fuel to alternative energy, and concludes that “…(b)y adopting this new global security posture, investing in domestic priorities and creating a cost-effective military aligned with 21st century threats, the U.S. can achieve significant deficit reduction goals while simultaneously enhancing global security.”

So… why isn’t the CPC budget gotten the coverage it deserves? Why do we continue believing that war is inevitable, that government is inherently corrupt, and “the market” is inherently fair? This just in: we can change our way of thinking about each of these issues without abandoning patriotism, liberty, and capitalism. We can do this by embracing the original hard-nosed spirit of our country and constitution instead of the sunny cartoon version we’ve embraced since Ronald Reagan promised us that unregulated capitalism would lead us to greatness. Here’s hoping we don’t believe that Trumpism will make us even greater.



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