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President Trump’s Promise-keeping and Education Policy Summarized in One Phrase: Caveat Emptor

March 29, 2016

Yesterday’s on-line Nation published an article by Stuart Woodman titled “Documents Show Just How Suckered the Students of Trump Institute Felt”, an article that contains several heartbreaking anecdotes about unemployed and underemployed workers who took courses at Trump University and Trump Institute in an effort to gain more education to get a good or better job. While the stories of the duped scholars were sad, the political donations made by Trump’s use of Trump Foundation funds to shield him from prosecution by one State Attorney General is disgusting:

Last week it was revealed that, in 2013, the Donald J. Trump Foundation had improperly donated money to a political organization supporting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s reelection, a gift that may have violated rules governing the political activity of non-profit foundations. The foundation’s gift to the pro-Bondi group raised eyebrows because it came only days after it was reported that Bondi was deciding whether or not to participate in Schneiderman’s legal action against Trump University, according to reports. Bondi’s office ultimately decided to not pursue any enforcement action against Trump.

Ms. Bondi’s offered a tortured explanation of why the donation from the Trump Foundation had no bearing on her decision to not pursue any enforcement action and went to great lengths to distinguish Trump’s University from his Institute, even though “…many of the Trump Institute documents obtained from the Texas AG bore the seal and logo of Trump University alongside the Trump Institute name and offered “Trump-certified” instructors.” 

It seems unlikely that someone who made millions from on-line courses that ultimately provided no benefit to students but often resulted in indebtedness in five figures would seek tough regulations against for profit charter schools. It seems even less likely that he would come down hard on prosecutors who accept large political donations and then make decisions that benefit those donors. But then six months ago it seemed preposterous to assume a businessman with a reputation as shabby as Donald Trump would be the frontrunner for the higher office in our country.

Voters, like Trump University students and those who attend Trump Institute Seminars should heed the latin phrase “caveat emptor” when they cast votes this November.

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