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Lead in Newark Schools’ Water Overlooked by “Reformers”

April 4, 2016

Last Thursday the Times featured an article describing the analysis of Newark school’s water and the subsequent discovery that they “…found high levels of lead in water at more schools in Newark, including at least two charter schools“. The article included this damning paragraph:

The district has released results of annual tests going back to 2012. In each year, the sampling found high levels of lead in water coming from various fountains and faucets in different schools.

Newark schools have been under state control for 20 years. During that time students have been tested endlessly and their “failing” test results were used to close neighborhood schools and overhaul teaching staffs. When the tests of water indicated failure, the state found money to bring in supplementary drinking water to install reverse osmosis filters. Maybe supplementary services and new equipment and technology would have helped the classroom instruction more than charter schools… especially charter schools housed in facilities with lead-filled drinking water!

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