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Technology Being Used to Groom Students for 24/7 Surveillance?

June 8, 2016

Here’s a quote from a K-12 Tech Decisions post by John Minor titled “Advances in Drone Technology Will Revolutionize Campus Security”:

The advantages for campus police and security departments using surveillance drones are clear: Drones can easily monitor wide swaths of hard-to-reach and high-risk locations, such as trails and parking lots, while also providing all first responders with real-time situational awareness during campus emergencies. Unlike fixed video surveillance systems, drones can be deployed at a moment’s notice to any location with no installation costs.

We are spending millions on security technology on public school and college campuses while ignoring the deficiencies in wireless access in hundreds of schools serving children raised in poverty. We’re “protecting the safety” of children by monitoring their every movement while they are in school, effectively training them to live under that kind of scrutiny 24/7 when they are adults. What’s wrong with this picture?

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