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This is a Political Post: VOTE!!!

June 9, 2016

As a former mathematics teacher and budget manager I can do arithmetic and can see that my favored candidate for President, Bernie Sanders, is mathematically eliminated from the race for President. I find his defeat dis-spiriting and disappointing for a whole host of reasons, most of which should be self-evident for readers of this blog. His defeat is likely to mean a continuation of the high-stakes-testing-in-the-name-of-accountability-and-civil-rights movement instituted with the passage of NCLB, sustained through RTTT, and now likely to continue indefinitely. With this regimen in place we will continue to blame teachers for their inability to overcome the effects of poverty and sidestep the tough issues of income inequality and fair housing.

As one who follows political news closely, though, I hope that any equally discouraged readers will not use Bernie Sanders defeat as a rationale to stay home and fail to vote. I hope that readers will carefully research the candidates running for the state house if there is a gubernatorial election, the state legislators if there is an election for the house or senate in your state, and the school board if there is a contested election. According to reports I’ve read, the money that was raised for the Republican presidential candidates is not going to flow to Mr. Trump. Instead it will flow to down-ticket races in an effort to sustain the grip the pro-privatization and anti-union candidates have on the US House and Senate, the state legislatures and state houses, and— yes— even local school boards.

Please transfer your donations and/or time and energy to supporting candidates who support democratically elected school boards, fair and equitable school funding, and equal opportunities for all children, especially those less fortunate. Please find a candidate to vote FOR, and work to get them elected.

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