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Satanic Clubs in Nine States Underscore Consequences of Mixing Religion and Schooling

August 2, 2016

A Fox News report from Utah that I received via a Google feed describes the bind that school boards are facing in nine states regarding the de facto requirement to allow “After School Satan Clubs” since they previously approved the creation of “Good News” clubs promoted by Child Evangelism Fellowship. The story details the logic behind the Satanists request:

Chalice Blythe, head of the Utah Chapter of The Satanic Temple, said the group isn’t about promoting or worshiping the devil.

“We are atheistic Satanists, so we don’t believe in Satan as a deity. Satan is a literary metaphor for an ultimate rebel against the ultimate tyrannical force,” Blythe said. “We’re providing activities that teach children the fundamentals of what we believe.”

The group says their focus will be on scientific understanding and reasoning. Blythe said the club was created in response to The Good News Club, created by the Child Evangelism Fellowship, which holds their meetings in public schools.

“These Good News Clubs were let into schools to proselyte and recruit children, and we feel, because that door was opened, it’s necessary for us to provide that counter-balance to provide the other voice,” Blythe said.

She said their fight is for separation of church and state.

That separation has blurred in recent years as legislators have pushed the envelope in providing public funds for religiously affiliated charter schools. I am waiting for the day when a chain of explicitly Muslim schools open in those states where legislation allows public funds to stream into religiously affiliated schools. It took a couple of decades for the Satanists to materialize… it shouldn’t be long before a Muslim school seeks funding,

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