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When Children Witness Violence at Home (from @Truthdig)

August 6, 2016

Schools are increasingly asked to take on more and more responsibility for children… but a child with an empty stomach, a child who has no home, and a child who witnesses violence on a daily basis cannot be expected focus on schoolwork. I can imagine that many businessmen, parents, school board members, and taxpayers would scoff at the provision of arts interventions, seeing it as a “woo-woo” waste money. But in this article Barbara Dunlap makes a compelling case for such a program, presenting evidence that it DOES make a difference. 

Without interventions, youngsters exposed to toxic conflict in the household can carry scars throughout their lives. Here are some innovative ways to help the most vulnerable victims as the start of school approaches. – 2016/08/03

Source: When Children Witness Violence at Home (from @Truthdig)

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