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Frank Bruni Sees Through US News and World Report Rankings: Will He See Through Charter Myths Next?

NYTimes columnist Frank Bruni devoted his Sunday column to debunking the the rankings published by the USNews and World Report, rankings that tend to overemphasize immaterial things like reputation, the size of the college’s endowment, and “selectivity” while under-emphasizing their ability to provide equitable access to veterans (the focus of Bruni’s recent columns on post secondary education) and minorities and first-time college attendees.

Much of Bruni’s column is devoted to the way colleges “game” the system USNews and World Report devised and the way USNews and World Report promotes its rankings to ensure the sale of its signature issues that do the rankings. But he overlooks an even worse result of the raking mania:, the ranking of high schools. The ranking idea is taking hold at the high school level because it reinforces the notion that public eduction should operate as an open marketplace where parents can choose high schools in the same fashion that they can “choose” colleges… and the choice of high schools is rapidly mirroring the “choice” of colleges: high schools serving to affluent and well-educated children and highly selective public high schools and chatter schools come out ahead of high schools that work diligently to provide an educational opportunity for all the children who attend. This, in turn, adds to the luster of these “high performing” schools and diminish the value and importance of the other schools.

Maybe in a future column Mr. Bruni will see the fruitlessness of the rankings game and focus on the need for ALL children to have the same opportunity as the children of well-educated parents raised in affluent communities.


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