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Trump vs. Clinton on K-12 Education: No Contest

September 29, 2016

NPR reporter Anya Kamenetz posted a synopsis of the two presidential candidate’s positions on education and the choice couldn’t be clearer: Hillary Clinton has veered away from the “reform” movement Presidents Bush and Obama embraced and Donald Trump has clung tenaciously to the notion that the “government school monopoly” needs to be broken. While neither candidate is clear bout how they will raise the funds to underwrite their initiatives, both have implied where it will come from. In Ms. Clinton’s case it will come from higher taxes on the wealthy and from businesses who are currently offshoring their headquarters to avoid paying the taxes needed to underwrite the kinds of infrastructure improvements she is championing. In Mr. Trump’s case, as noted in previous posts, he will use the notion of portability of federal funds and the conversion of federal funds earmarked for specific programs into flexible block grants.

If you believe universal public education is important and NCLB, RTTT, and ESSA are misguided, Ms. Clinton’s platform for K-12 schools is the best. If you believe “government schools” are the problem and you support the “reform” movement that suggests public schools should compete for market share then Mr. Trump’s platform is the best. Any reader of this blog can see where my vote will be cast.

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