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Another Sign of the Apocalypse for Public Education: Public School Police Chiefs

I thought I read the headline on my Google news link incorrectly… it said “McAlester Public Schools Hire New Police Chief”… but, alas, the article was NOT from the Onion but from the McAlester News Capital and it detailed the goals of the newly appointed chief, Chris Comer:

“I am going to implement In-Service training,” Comer said. “I am (a) certified instructor through CLEET (Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training). I will focus on school safety, security and first aid. I will specialize the training and require training yearly.”

Comer says he is going to spend time building relationships with students to help build trust and also be involved in other law enforcement programs.

“You have to build that trust early on, so when they do get older they know that they can come to you if there is a problem,” Comer said. “It’s not just a one person job… We have to use all our resources we have and work together as a team, not just with other law enforcement, but other resources in the community as well.”
These are noble and well intentioned goals, but in examining spending priorities in the school and community I find it hard to believe that the limited money taxpayers raise might be better spent on prevention programs like social workers and early childhood education than on “…school safety, security and first aid” training for a cadre of police officers charged with keeping order in schools. Unfortunately, priorities at the local level are increasingly mirroring the priorities at the national level where spending on defense to protect us from terrorists is wildly disproportional to the spending on services that protect us from erosion from within.
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