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Where Does Clinton Stand on Charter Schools?

October 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have pledged to hold Ms. Clinton’s feet to the fire regarding the promises she has made to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. The NEA and AFT need to do the same. Their endorsements definitely helped Ms. Clinton in the primary and she should be in their debt. 

Ideally, I think Ms. Clinton SHOULD have met with Ms. Jobs and outlined the conditions her administration would set  for (presumably) well-intentioned “reformers” who want to get taxpayer funds  A meeting like that where Ms. Clinton spelled out her intentions would go a long way to assuage those of us who are skeptical of her true thinking on charters.  

At a policy forum in Miami before the Council of the Great City Schools, surrogates for Trump and Clinton clarified their views, sort of. Carl Paladino, remembered in New York for his racist and se…

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